Signal and Telegram are very distracting for focused work, and right now I'm dedicated to shipping DarkFi. My DMs are completely full and it's fulltime work sifting through them constantly.

You can find me on our project's own anonymous chat called DarkIRC.

dm_chacha_public = "ATV8KBmUS5Gvaq7jbe9svpFDdBsT6aXQb38pS7kir1cm"

This is my public key for sending DMs. Simply make your own key and post it in a public channel like #random. Then I'll add your key and we can exchange DMs.

You can find setup instructions on the DarkFi book's DarkIRC page. In short, you can run these commands to compile and run the daemon.

git clone
cd darkfi
make darkirc

Then connect with any IRC client (which acts as the frontend UI).