Why I don't like calls

"hey, you free to jump on a call this week?"

This seems to be the main way people operate these days. People constantly on calls several times a day. But it's an inefficient way of working - constantly being in dialogue with everyone all the time. Group calls are especially bad where 10 people listen to 1 person's half formed stream of conciousness.

Far better is written documentation or even a well thought out message. It is far easier to read, digest and respond back in a measured way. Text can be circulated among interested parties with feedback given. It is also asynchronous.

Stanford researchers have released a study on Zoom Fatigue, showing that video calls negatively impact the mind, hindering its ability to perform intellectual tasks. Something about channeling a social interaction by staring into a tiny screen exhausts the mind.

Maybe Zoom Fatigue impacts some more than others. In my case it's very exhausting, I just simply cannot deal with calls anymore.

I've written this article to avoid making it seem like a personal attack that I'm rejecting calls. It's not about any person, but about being in a space of deep silence and reflection, where one can deliver high quality work.

Is this what perfection looks like?